Sword art online 14

July 8, 2019
sword art online 14

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They both have the same setting people finding themselfs stuck in a online world. Where sword art online doesnt have magic, log horizon does have magic skils.

Sword art online (japanese hepburn sdo to onrain) is a japanese light novel series written by reki kawahara and illustrated by abec.

Possessing exquisite swordsmanship and sacred arts of the highest order, they were the mightiest masters capable of utilizing the armament full control art as they wished. Despite having protected the human worlds law and order, and with such, the axiom churchs rule, for.

  sword art online-ordinal scale asuna cant remember what happened in sao and how she met kirito - duration 414.

Sword art online 2012 tv-14 2 seasons anime series a video game whiz helps create a new technology that enables players to guide their online avatars with their own bodies --.

One small step (, chsana ippo) is the fourteenth episode of the sword art online ii anime adaptation, as well as the fourteenth episode in the phantom bullet arc. While kirigaya kazuto (kirito) tried to defend himself against shinkawa kyouji, he left an opening.